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BlackBurn Open Walls (Revisit)

When we first heard of the inaugural Blackburn Open Walls in 2016 we were quite shocked. On our previous trips to the city we hadn’t really witnessed a strong street art scene.

To our surprise we were treated with some huge pieces by the likes of (Festival Organiser) Hayley Welsh, Nomad clan, Lucy Mclauchlan, Alexandra Gallagher and Annatomix.

Hayley Welsh Hidden Artwork

Hayley Welsh


This year the festival returned in July, adding even more colour to the streets of Blackburn and boasting an even bigger line up.


Jerome Davenport (Ketones6000)

Hayley and Alex returned but this time with Tankpetrol, Andy Faraday, Cracked Ink, Goya Torres, D7606, Ketones6000 and last but not least the incredible Dale Grimshaw.

Alexandra Gallagher

Cracked ink

Cracked Ink

We managed to pop back this week to capture most of the pieces on offer.

There seems to have been a recent surge in art festivals around the UK all with varying levels of success. Blackburn Open Walls shows how this format can work well, this is obviously testament to the organisers involved.



Fingers crossed the event returns for a third edition in 2018 as were eagerly anticipating a return to Blackburn.


Dale Grimshaw

UA x


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