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Losthills  Labour of Love Exhibition

If you have taken an interest in the North west’s streetart scene in the last few years or ever wondered around Manchester’s Northern Quarter then the name Losthills will be nothing new to you.

In our ever changing back street gallery it started with a range of different pasteups Including Batman/Elvis, Wednesday Adams, John Lennon to name only a few. Once the jake the dog motif was used the multi outfitted character was never too far away. Your trying to recall the last one you spotted and now your thinking you haven’t seen anything new pop up in a while........ well we’re here to tell you why!

Losthills has been locked away working on his first ever solo show. It opens this Saturday the 12th of October at Zap Graffiti in Liverpool from 12-6. It’s running for a full month and we for one can’t wait. We managed to grab a few words and this is what he had to say.

So we haven’t seen much new pasteup work on the street recently? I know, i know. I’ve been putting everything into the show! Due to the limited time per week i have due to work and kids. I've not really had time to make any new street stuff. On the plus side though when I do get back to my street stuff I hope my art style and ideas will have improved a bit with all the painting practice :)

So the Exhibition has been taking up the vast majority of your time then? Yeah definitely, I can only really work on one project at a time and my shows really important and has been something for me to work towards. It’s something where I can prove to myself more that anyone that I can do this type of thing.

We’ve seen your work evolve, most noticeably over the last year. Your now using less of your original paste up’s and doing more larger painted pieces? Thinking about pieces and working on the show has really helped me raise the bar. I’m hoping to get out and paint more and I don't think I could of painted at the recent Mancunian spray event without the confidence that I've gained from working on my paintings for my show.

We’ve always been big fans of Losthills here at UA since the first paste up we spotted many year ago.

If your free get yourself down there. UA x

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