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Things to look forward to this September.

Its looking like a great month for art lovers and this is our pick of septembers events, if we had the opportunity we would love to visit them all but unfortunately that’s not possible! Local: 

This weekend we have Cheltenham Paint Festival on the 8/9th, with around 100 artists including My Dog Sighs, Snub23, Wasp Elder, Curtis Hylton, Nol and p0g0 and that’s just to name a few, this looks like it’s going to be an amazing weekend.  

A little bit further up north and also on the 8th is Craig Erpe and Mose78’s (From the Distorted Minds Crew) High Viz Street Culture Festival which again promises to be an amazing family friendly day out at Birmingham’s Custard factory. Artist wise you will have the likes of Jay Sharples, Titlegraffiti, N4t4, Philth Blake and Annatomix. 

The weekend after on the 15th sees Manchester hold host to Jay Sharples and Art Battle Mancheter’s.... Mancunian Spray which promises to be an urban art extravaganza (See the artists involved on the poster above) This runs from 11-6 in the afternoon and is totally family friendly with Live Music, Food and Drink. The Fun continues with Art Battle Mcr’s Old skool rave night in the evening. Should be a banger!!  


NuArt, Stavanger, Norway 6 - 9th

CrushWalls, Denver, USA 3 - 9th

Arte Publica, Leiria, Portugal 3rd - 4th Oct 

Sea Walls: Artists for Oceans, Bali, Indonesia  10-17th

Festival Iminente, Lisbon 21st - 23rd

And POW! WOW! Rotterdam 15th - 16th

Hope this gives you some idea of what to look forward to over the next few weeks


UA x

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