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On December the 1st between 18:30 and 21:30 SNUB launches a brand new show at BozBoz Gallery in Brighton.

This will be his first solo hometown show and SNUB will battle the concept of ego in this pivotal new project.

"Following the tragic loss of his father, SNUB’s outlook on his art has changed. ‘Keep Moving, Stop Thinking’ is the manifestation of an urgent stream of consciousness, tearing away at the paradigm of conventional graffiti style to create something unique and iconic"


"‘Keep Moving, Stop Thinking’ is a six-week responsive art show influenced in real time by interactions with the public. SNUB will be present throughout, painting works of art directly inspired by the people he meets in the moment, inspired by pressing impulses, inspired by catharsis. SNUB is creating an inclusive, evolving haven within the confines of the Bozboz Gallery, free from conjecture and scrutiny."  


We only found out about SNUB earlier this year through his collaboration with My Dog Sighs in Shenzhen China but he's been been painting walls since the 1990's. We've been following his work closely since then and loved his piece at this years Upfest, again teaming up with My Dog Sighs. His solo work has been exhibited across Europe and beyond and with countless murals to his name were looking forward to seeing what has been created for this interesting showcase.

All work will be available to buy along with some great merchandise. There will also be an exclusive live set on the night curtesy of Ninja Tune Icon - DJ Food.


This sounds like its going to be a top event so anyone who's in the Brighton area should defiantly check it out.

Visit to get on the list

UA x 

The Event is sponsored by Darkstar Brewing Co., Kobra paint and GVS Filter technologies

and all Quotes and photos are taken from the official press release by BOZBOZ gallery.

Contact: for any additional information

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