Urban Artistry in Berlin


We managed to get over to Berlin just in time to catch a pretty amazing week in all honesty.


We finally got chance to visit the amazing Urban Nation Museum but our visit also coincided with Urban Spree's one week with 1up exhibition and book launch. Berlin Mural Fest and Urban Nation's UNity project.


The list of artists was endless and there was no chance we could catch it all. Arsek_Erase, Bailon, DieDixons, Fanakapan, Insane 51, James Bollough, Mr Woodland, MTO Graffiti, NeverCrew, Nuno Viagos, One Truth Graffiti, Snik, Tasso Maclaim, Telmomiel were all working whilst we were there!!!



Wow just wow, This was possibly our favorite piece of the trip 

Bosoletti and Young Jarus • Apollo and Daphne


Snik and Nuno Viegas for UNity (This was still work in progress when we had to leave)

One Truth Graffiti 

1 up Crew at Urban Spree 

Dface • Obey • Paradox • 1UPCrew • James Bullough


Ben Slow




Alice Pasquini 

Sandra Chevrier 

Marina Zumi 


Os Gemeos

Victor Ash


Louis Masai at Urban Spree

MTO Graffiti 

One week with 1UP 

One week with 1UP

Fanakapan at Urban Nation



All in all a very productive trip!!

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