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Who doesn't like a Teaser!!

As you probably already know the UrbanArtistry Presents... monthly documentary series kicks off at Cultplex on the 4th of July with our first film Martha: A Picture Story.

But whats next i hear you say, well...

I've included the trailers for the first 3 movies in this helpful post.

For tickets please hit the link here.

August the 8th see's the Nycho's narrated - The Deepest Depths of The Burrow produced guys at Rabbit Eye Movement.

then on September the 12th it's the turn of Spiritual Letters The Art of Mr Paradox Paradise this movie has only been shown on the big screen at a series of premiers in Germany and once in France so we're in for a treat at this exclusive uk screening.

Hope to see you all at one of the screenings.

Much Love

Andy UA x

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