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The TSS Duke of Lancaster

We were looking for photos to post for todays #ThrowbackThursday on Instagram and decided on this piece by Dale Grimshaw

Tss Duke of Lancaster Dale Grimshaw

This work was painted on the side of the TSS Duke of Lancaster which was due to become the uk's largest outdoor streetart gallery. After posting the picture we have found out that the boat has now been painted black and all the street art lost.

What a perfect opportunity for us to share our pictures for the few/many who never had the chance to see the boat in the flesh!!!


We visited in September of 2016 and as you can see from the pictures the boat was already in a state of disrepair. To be honest the dripping rust added texture and a ghostly atmosphere to the area.

The ship was originally going to be a pleasure boat filled with bars, nightclubs and a casino but this idea fell through paving the way for the street art gallery. After a great start with some top artists from around the world lending there talents to this ambitious project it lay dormant for a few years and has finally now been painted. who knows what it is due to become now?

Artists that worked on the boat included Dale Grimshaw, Findac, Goin, Mr Zero, Bungle, Kiwie, Dank and local boys the Cream Soda crew.

Hope you enjoyed the pics

UA x

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