Nomad Clan

Just incase you haven't heard of this Manchester based streetart duo, aylo and cbloxx make up The Nomad Clan team.


Surprisingly only established in 2014, they have created such a rich body of work in a short period of time. Each of there murals has a strong significance to its environment where they combine scenes from local heritage with detailed portraits.


This year has already been a busy one. They headed over to Berlin to paint for UrbanNation in april then back over to leeds to paint what is the UK's Tallest mural "Athena Rising".


A quick weekend "break" to the Netherlands to paint at Step In The Arena, it was then down to Bristol to headline this years Upfest, over to Sweden for Artscape! Wow!!and its only August!!

These are two hard working girls.


We feel extremely lucky to have them involved with urbanartistry and look forward to bringing you there work!

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