Jay Sharples

Well...what can be said about Jay and his influence on the Manchester street art scene!

In our opinion, if it wasn't for his yearly Mcr art jam, and his role within the Out House Mcr team, the scene definitely wouldn't be where it is today.


Jay's own style is unique but instantly recognisable. His love for throwing paint and angular lines create beautiful abstract works, but these only started life as backgrounds for his early stencil pieces(seen here)


He soon realised it was the abstract side of his work he enjoyed the most and dropped the stencils altogether. 

One of our favourite examples of this abstract style is the giant hacienda influenced piece that typifies this period of Jay's work, and can be found in Manchester's Northern Quarter.


He has recently started to paint a lot more freehand pieces: allowing him to showcase a more playful style, these usually feature his signature ape character.


Keep your eyes peeled as Jay's Artwork will be available in the store soon!!!

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