Beany is an artist and tattooist working from her private studio in Ancoats, Manchester.

Her background is in Fine Art and classical training in oil paint, pencil and charcoal so a lot of her artwork is influenced by art history, portraiture and nature. 

She also finds inspiration in street art, punk, graphic design and electro music so tries to merge these styles and cultures together to create eye-catching art that is bright, detailed and multi-layered.


The artwork is mixed media; watercolour, spray paint/stencils, marker pen and hand-pulled screen print. Each piece is completely handmade by Beany and often hand embellished so each piece is totally individual. 


Beany started tattooing in 2008 and opened her appointment-only studio in 2013; her tattoo work also reflects her influences in art and she divides her time between tattoo clients, commissioned artwork and personal print work.

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